Welcome to Al Abyadh Consulting
  • Build dedicated, long-term relationships with clients
  • Understand and appreciate client goals, objectives, and challenges
  • Provide proactive insight, custom solutions, and collaborative resources specific to client needs
  • Offer competent, proficient and tested insight to solve routine and complex legal issues
  • Collaborative solutions by providing highly skilled partner-led client teams of experienced practitioners
  • Deliver a practical, professional approach to meet your business needs
  • Strong understanding of local, regional, national, and international business to better serve clients
  • Efficient, cost-effective representation
  • Fierce advocacy
  • Careful consideration to find the best solutions
  • We understand the importance of communication
  • Our team invests the same dedication into representing your career objectives

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Our firm is built on a few core principles

First, our lawyers are highly skilled. That doesn’t mean all went to the top universities, or graduated first in their law school class – although we have plenty who have. It means the lawyers handling your matter have achieved the highest level of expertise in their area of practice. Most have accolades to show it, but most importantly, our lawyers have won the confidence of clients just like you because they’ve repeatedly delivered good results based on their skills and experience. If there is a single reason we’ve been around for 18 years and have expanded across the country, it’s because we understand the importance of being exceptional at what we do.

Second, we are value-conscious. While we have not priced our rates below market, we happen to think most highly-skilled business Consultings are priced above market. It seems their rates support excessive overhead, or their professionals are not focused on accountability or performance. In any case, we’re intentionally focused by design to offer value.

Finally, we collaborate. We add the most value to your business or your institution by deeply understanding what you’re most concerned with – and then collaborating across practice groups to help you address your legal matters. Most problems aren’t one-dimensional –- it’s often worthwhile for a business lawyer to get a litigator’s perspective to make sure you’re covered if there is a dispute; it also makes sense for an intellectual property lawyer to weigh in on an employment contract, and so on. Proactive, collaborative legal services are our promise.

Thanks for learning more about our firm. It’s always our privilege to serve you.