2020 April

Going Global | Al-Abyadh News

Our services covered most of the legal requests of various companies in terms of activity or nationality as well as people from commercial, industrial ..(more)
2020 March

Sign Contracts to Prove Your Rights

A contract is signed to organize a certain legal commitment or to prove the existence of a current or potential relationship such as the completion of a sales ..(more)
2020 February

Business Service | Foreign Investment in IRAQ

Al-Abyadh Consulting adopts the investment process in Iraq by providing legal consultations, and logistical support for all foreign investment companies. ..(more)
2020 January

Registering Your Company as Foreign Entity in IRAQ

At Al-Abyadh, our firm is equipped with the capacity to register international foreign companies’ branches that desire to work in Iraq in both public and private sector. We start with providing all necessary paperwork authenticated by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the company’s country of origin to the Business Registration Directorate and pay all necessary fees on its behalf. ..(more)